Save Money on Wedding Flowers and Wedding Reception Decorations


Save Money on Wedding Flowers

How you can save money on flowers for your wedding and wedding reception decorations

Follow the advice of Yamile Rodriguez, head florist for Miami based Flowers for You LLC. When you want to save money on wedding flowers, you’ll find your best deal at your local florist

Flowers for You LLC Wedding Ceremony Flowers

Buying wedding flowers and reception decorations is part of every wedding, no matter where the festivities are held. You can save money if you know what to expect when it comes to ordering and managing wedding flowers. Some dream destinations, such as Miami, require more planning to make the wedding ceremony and reception truly unique. Flowers for Miami Beach wedding ceremonies have special needs that must be considered, such as anchoring and placement.

A professional florist will know how to arrange flowers for the best effect as well as how to save money on the total amount you pay for your wedding flower package. In Miami, Flowers for You LLC helps event planners cut corners with their budget and still include beautiful flowers in the wedding reception decorations. The first way you will save money is by making sure that these safeguards are in place, for example:

  • sprays and standing arrangements should be properly secured to prevent them from moving or blowing away if it becomes windy
  • very delicate wedding flowers, such as orchids, should be protected until just before the ceremony begins

Many of the customers at Flowers for You, LLC request a wide range of blooms, from traditional domestic to exotic tropical blossoms. We help many brides-to-be to save money when they choose their flower arrangements in harmony with the blooms in season. This can help create a more balanced theme for their ceremony as well as keeping their wedding flower budget under control.

Do you want to save money on your wedding flowers? Call Yamile Rodriguez at Flowers for You LLC, 305-340-2767 and talk to me about your ideas and what you would like to do. We’ll find a way to get it done at the best price possible.

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