Roses: What Each Color Means



What are the Meanings of Their Colors?

Roses are the world’s most popular flower and come in a wide variety of colors, each with its own significance. They are given as birthday flowers, used in wedding bouquets and as funeral service flowers as well.

White Roses

white roses mean innocence

Color Meaning: Angelic, Purity, Reverence, Secrecy, Honor and Innocence

The color white is associated with purity and innocence. It’s the traditional color of the bridal gown and symbolizes an innocent heart. When you give these white flowers, it shows that you come with pure intentions. White roses can be given for any occasion to express care and support.

Red Roses

red roses mean love

Color Meaning: Passionate Love, Courage, Respect and Congratulations

The color red represents enduring romantic love and passion. The classic symbol of passionate love, this is the most popular flower to choose when you want to make your feelings known to someone. It is also given to recognize outstanding courage; as a sign of respect and to extend congratulations to someone for a superior performance. These flowers are commonly given to an actor by a member of the audience to say “Well done!”

Pink Roses

pink roses mean sweetness

Color Meaning: Sweetness, Gentleness, Kindness, Romance and Admiration

The color pink is associated with sweetness and happiness. The colors of this flow grow in a variety of hues from soft blush pink to intense or “hot” pink. Hot pink represents romance and desire. When you want to express gratitude, dusty pink  is an excellent color choice for they represent appreciation and thankfulness. Blush pink  communicates joy and happiness.

Yellow Roses

yellow roses mean happiness

Color Meaning: Happiness, New Beginnings, Friendship, Hope, Optimism and Joy

The color yellow like sunshine represents warmth, optimism and hope. Giving these yellow flowers communicates warm friendship and happiness. These are the perfect flowers to welcome a new baby into a family, to congratulate a graduate or or a newly engaged couple. These yellow flowers sends a message of hope, care and new beginnings.

Peach Roses

peach roses mean appreciation

Color Meaning: Sincerity, Modesty, Gratitude and Appreciation

The color peach represents appreciation. Choose the peach color when you want to express gratitude. These lovely flowers are also used to show sincerity of intention.

Orange Roses

orange roses mean excitement

Color Meaning: Excitement, Desire, Enthusiasm and Pride

The color orange represents energy. Bright orange communicates enthusiasm, encouragement and support. These flowers are often given to express desire as well as a way to show approval or appreciation.

Lavender Roses

lavender roses mean enchantment

Color Meaning: Deep Adoration, Enchantment, Majestic and Esteem.

The color lavender is associated with royalty and  communicates high respect and admiration. Giving a lavender Rose is often used to communicate adoration or love at first sight. These lavender flowers also represent a magical love that endures forever.

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